Monday-Friday • 7:45 am-5 pm
Saturday • 8:30 am-10:30 am
(Saturdays – No Doctor on Duty)
Closed Sunday

320 S Yonge St
Ormond Beach, FL 32174

(at the corner of US1 & Division Ave.)


Cat Care Clinic is open! Please call us at (386) 671-0747 before coming to the Clinic to discuss your cat’s condition and our curbside service. Thank you!

Apache and Jelly

apache_insetApache and Jelly are our clinic cats! Apache serves as a blood donor, patient advocate, pilling demonstrator, and stress reducer. Jelly serves as our staff morale booster!

Apache was adopted from the humane society in 2013 after our first clinic cat (Buddy) retired. Apache is commonly found in our treatment area perched as high as he can get (which is often on top of the cabinets) so he can oversee everything we are doing. Apache gets fed Hill’s Science Diet canned food (only) three times per day and he is sure to remind you when it’s meal time! Feel free to ask us why we feed him only canned food. He and Jelly get along great!

Jelly came to us in 2019, also from the humane society. She was affected with a condition called “stomatitis,” where all of the tissues in her mouth were severely inflamed and painful. The only acceptable treatment for stomatitis is to extract all of the teeth, which removes the source of inflammation. Our plan was to perform the “full mouth extraction” and then give Jelly back to the humane society to be placed for adoption. But we fell in love with her quiet and sweet personality, and the rest is history!  Despite having no teeth, Jelly will only eat Science Diet Adult dry food. We’d prefer her to eat canned food, but you can only tell a cat so much!

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