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Cat Health Issues

Veterinarians used to treat cats as small dogs, meaning they believed cats got the same diseases as dogs, but were just smaller versions of them.  Now we know better.  Cat and dog physiology is similar and thus they do share some of the same medical problems.  But in many aspects cats are unique.  For example, they get different heart, liver, kidney, and thyroid diseases than dogs.  They also have different metabolism of many drugs and different nutritional requirements.  As the saying goes, cats are not small dogs!

cathealthissues_insetAt Cat Care Clinic we have had extensive training in the medical and surgical problems of cats.  All of the doctors’ continuing education as well as our staff training is attuned to cats, so we can concentrate on providing the best and most up-to-date care for your cat.

For more information on the following topics, please contact us.

Bladder Disease (aka Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease)
Chronic Renal Disease
Heart Disease
Intestinal Parasites
Tooth Resorptive Lesions