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Apache and Panther

apache_insetApache and Panther are our clinic cats! Both of them serve as blood donors, patient advocates, pilling demonstrators and stress reducers.

Apache was adopted from the humane society in 2013 after our first clinic cat (Buddy) retired. Apache is commonly found in our treatment area perched as high as he can get (which is often on top of the cabinets) so he can oversee everything we are doing. Apache gets fed Hill’s Science Diet canned food (only) three times per day and he is sure to remind you when it’s meal time! Feel free to ask us why we feed him only canned food. He and Panther get along great!

Panther came to us in 2020. He had a different name but we changed it to Panther because of his stunning black coat. Panther wears Soft Paws to prevent him from snagging our pant legs (or worse, if he’s feeling sassy!). He is VERY human food motivated so we have to close all doors when we are eating lunch or he will steal our food right from under us. He has even learned to open our stockroom door, so we’ve had to install baby locks. He’s a trouble maker, but he keeps us laughing non-stop!