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Cat Teeth Cleaning in Ormond Beach, FL

Did you know that 70% of cats show signs of oral disease by just 3 years of age? If left untreated, dental disease can lead to unnecessary discomfort and pain, tooth loss, or damage to other body organs such as the liver and kidneys. The good news is that gum disease can be prevented with routine exams and at-home care.

Your cat’s oral health is one of our top priorities at Cat Care Clinic, which is why we place a strong emphasis on our comprehensive dental services. At every physical exam, we examine your cat’s mouth and teeth. If we detect any problems, such as tartar buildup, we schedule an appointment for complete teeth cleaning treatment.

About Our Cat Teeth Cleaning Services

Cat Teeth Cleaning in Ormond Beach, FLCat Care Clinic’s dental services are designed to keep your cat’s teeth and gums healthy for a lifetime. In addition to our dental teeth cleaning (scaling and polishing) services, we can extract teeth if necessary. We also rely on digital dental X-ray technology to view below the gum line, as this is where a large number of dental problems are found.

For your cat’s safety, we perform all dental procedures under general anesthesia. We first perform a comprehensive exam and pre-anesthetic blood work to ensure that your cat is healthy enough for a dental procedure. We also offer extensive monitoring services to ensure your cat’s safety before, during, and after their procedure.

On this page, you will also find information about a variety of other feline dental topics. Click on the headers below to learn more about them.

Cat Teeth Cleaning in Ormond Beach, FLCommon Signs of Dental Disease

Although cats are masters at hiding their illnesses and may not show any signs of dental disease at all, there are a number of physical signs that can’t be hidden. These include:

  • Bad breath
  • Change in eating or chewing habits
  • Pawing at the face or mouth
  • Depression
  • Drooling

If any of these signs are noticed, we recommend that you schedule an appointment to have your cat examined.

Common Cat Dental Problems

Below is a list of some of the most common dental problems seen in cats—all of which we can treat here at Cat Care Clinic.

  • Feline Oral Resorptive Lesions (FORL): These lesions are very painful and can be only be treated by extracting the affected tooth. View our FORLs document to learn more.
  • Tartar and gingivitis: Tartar accumulates on your cat’s teeth daily, but home care can help prevent build-up.
  • Fractured crowns: Fractured crowns are also very painful and can lead to infection (abscess). A fractured tooth is either extracted or repaired with root canal therapy by a board-certified veterinary dentist.
  • Tooth root abscess: Abscesses can occur from a fractured tooth or long-standing gum disease. Teeth with abscesses have to be extracted, and your cat will be placed on a course of antibiotics.

At-Home Cat Teeth Cleaning

Caring for your cat’s teeth from home can lower or even eliminate the risk of gum disease while also preventing tooth loss. It can also help freshen the breath and even prolong your cat’s life. Although home dental care is easiest if you start when your cat is a kitten, an oral hygiene regimen can be started at any age. We’ll be happy to perform a demonstration of effective brushing at your next visit.

Another important part of at-home dental care is choosing the right products. Here at Cat Care Clinic located in Ormond Beach, we carry several products for feline home dental hygiene, including C.E.T.® toothbrushes, toothpastes, chews, and Aquadent water additive. We also carry Hill’s Prescription Diet t/d Feline®, which is specially formulated for feline dental health. For the best results, at least one of these products should be used daily.