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Feline House Soiling Questionnaire

Feline House Soiling Questionnaire

HOUSE-SOILING: Cat Owner Questionnaire

Thank you for filling out this questionnaire. Your answers give us the information  we need to help you with house-soiling problems occurring in your household.  Please check every box that applies and enter additional information where needed.  

Your Information

Spouse, partner, or roommate:
Spouse, partner, or roommate:

Your Cat's Information

Cat's Sex
How does your cat interact with family members (check all that apply)
How does your cat interact with strangers (check all that apply)?
If you have other cats or pets in the household, have you recently seen your cat responding to them in any of the following ways?
Does your cat go outside?
If yes, check all that apply
Do you have a cat door or flap to the outdoors?
Can your cat see other animals from inside your home?
What type of food do you feed your cat?
Have you changed the food recently?
How often?
Type of litter used
If your cat urinates when house-soiling, how would you describe the urine?
If your cat defecates when house-soiling, how would you describe the stools?
Do you remember the first incident?
What kind of surface is targeted?
Is the cat targeting vertical surfaces with urine?
How often is the house-soiling occurring?
How has the frequency changed since the problem started?
Have you used any physical punishment in response to the house-soiling (eg, rubbing nose in the urine or stool, spanking, water pistol, shouting, confinement)?
Is your cat easy to medicate?
What are your preferred formulations for any medications?

Basic house floor plan:

Draw a basic house floor plan on a separate sheet and upload below


This is very important but it does not have to be to perfect scale. Mark all items listed below on the house floor plan so we can get a feeling for the environment where your cat lives. 

a = Litter box locations 

b = House-soiling locations  

c = Windows and doors 

d = Scratching post locations  

e = Food and water bowl locations  

f = Cat doors or flaps 


Please number the house-soiling locations in chronological order in terms of when you became aware of deposits in those locations (eg, b1, b2, etc).

Maximum file size: 52.43MB

This questionnaire accompanies the ‘AAFP and ISFM Guidelines for

Diagnosing and Solving House-Soiling Behaviour in Cats’,

published in the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery,

July 2014, Volume 16, pp 579–598.